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Adjustable hand reamer
  An adjustable hand reamer can cover a small range of sizes. They are generally referenced by a range which equates to a size range. The act of tightening and loosening the restraining nuts at each end varies the size that may be cut.
Straight Reamer
  A straight reamer is used to make only a minor enlargement to a hole. The entry end of the reamer will have a slight taper, the length of which will depend on its type. This produces a self centering action as it enters the raw hole. The larger proportion of the length will be of a constant diameter.
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Reamer 1/2
Drillco Nitro 428N132 Reamer 1/2"
Your Price: $46.98
Drillco Nitro 428N132 Reamer 1/2"
Construction Reamer 1/2"
Reamer 3/4
Drillco Nitro 428N148 Reamer 3/4"
Your Price: $68.51
Drillco Nitro 428N148 Reamer 3/4"
Construction Reamer 3/4"

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