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Metal and Wood Drilling Bits

Pilot Point Drill Bits
  • Pilot Point® Tip starts on contact for clean, accurate holes and reduces lock-up on breakthrough
  • No-Spin Shank eliminates the frustration of bit spinning in the chuck
  • Tapered web provides greater durability to reduce breaking
  • Size markings are located above the shank to prevent wearing away
  • Note: Sizes 1/16" to 11/64" are split point drill bits
  • Std Jobber Length Fractional Sizes
Black Oxide
  • 135 degree split point drills on contact and prevents walking
  • Parabolic flute design improves chip ejection in metal and wood drilling applications
  • Black Oxide coated for greater wear resistance
  • Helix is 31 degrees which minimizes the over aggressiveness of a true parabolic flute
Impact Ready Drill Bits
  • Ground from solid one piece design is up to 5 times more durable than the current 2 piece conventional product.
  • Patented web taper increases the rigidity of the bit to decrease the potential for bit breakage
  • Patented Pilot Point ® tip (3/16” -1/2”) allows users to drill holes faster than the conventional split point product and offers clean burr free holes with reduced bit walking.
Industrial Drilling:

Cobalt Industrial Drill Bits:
Fractional Jobber and Screw Machine, Numbered Jobber and Screw Machine, Lettered Jobber
  • Designed with optimized geometries that deliver 3X more life than competition
  • Patented web taper is 2X larger than the competition for increased strength, rigidity and breakage resistance
  • Optimized 135 degree split point gives exceptional service life and also allows the bit to start on contact
  • Heavy duty flute design produces maximum durability
  • Increased cobalt content provides exceptional wear resistance and longer life
Titanium Split Point Drill Bits
  • Titanium coating for maximum life
  • Split Point Tip
Cobalt Split Point Drill Bits
  • Maximum speed and life in stainless steel and other hard metals
  • Pilot Point® Tip starts on contact for clean, accurate holes and reduces lock-up on breakthrough
  • Industrial strength cobalt for optimum life and durability in metal
Cobalt Pilot Point Drill Bits
  • Maximum Speed & Life in Stainless Steel and other hard metals
  • Pilot Pt Tip Design starts on contact and eliminates bit walking
  • Industrial Strength Cobalt for optimum life & durability in Metal
Step Drill Bits
  • Full range of self starting, hole enlarging, multiple hole, single hole, metric and standard bits provides optimum versatility.
  • Multiple steps eliminate need for many special sized drill bits.
  • Double fluted design provides optimum speed and accuracy.
  • Flats on shank prevent bit slipping in chuck.
  • Size markings provide easy hole identification.
  • Most commonly used steps highlighted with polished ring for quick recognition.

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