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Drill Bits

Drilling Accessories

  DEWALT Drilling Accessories include DEWALT Drill Bits, made of industrial-grade steel that are ideal for drilling in metal, wood and plastic.

Wood Drilling: Power Ship Auger Bits, Self Feed Bits, Brad Point Bits, Spade Bits and Bell Hanger Bits

Metal Drilling: General Purpose Drill Bits, Impact Ready Drill Bits, Industrial Drilling Bits, Cobalt and Step Bits.

Concrete Drilling: Carbide Core Bits, Chisels & Demolition Bits, Diamond Tile Bits, Rock Carbide Drill Bits, SDS Plus, SDS Max, Spline Bits, 3/4" Hex Bits and Shank Adapters.

Multi Material Drill Bits: Ideal for electricians, plumbers and re-modelers tasked with drilling through several types of materials. This includes light-gauge steel, PVC, wood, ceramic, tile, brick and cinder block often encountered on residential and commercial jobsites.

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