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When your order arrives it is your responsibility to examine the pallet BEFORE you sign for it.

You must check for 2 things:

First Visible Damage--- look at the whole pallet and look for any visible damage, any holes punched in boxes or crates, any crushed boxes. All this damage needs to be noted on the BOL you will be asked to sign-- make sure everything is noted on both your copy and the freight companies copy BEFORE you sign.

If the order has excessive damage you need to call Woodstock to see if the order should be refused. There are stickers on the pallet that have the phone number-- Please do NOT call just because a box has a little crushed corner-- ONLY call if there is EXCESSIVE damage-- like the pallet looks like it fell off the back of the truck before it got to you. Please do NOT waste their time for minimal damage.

Second—you need to make sure all the cartons and pallets you are signing for are there. Look at the BOL the driver wants you to sign and see first of all how many PALLETS you are signing for and make sure that is what you have. Next look at how many CARTONS there should be and make sure they are there. If you are missing a pallet or carton it MUST be noted on the slip BEFORE you sign and again on both copies.

If you do not do this inspection and just sign the slip you are totally responsible for any damage or missing items-- If you just sign you are saying everything is fine and the freight company will not look for anything you say is missing or will not do any damage claim.

Woodstock International nor Tools & More is responsible for any missing product or damaged product by the freight company and will not be able to do anything for you if you do not do the inspection and make sure everything is noted on the slips.


You must make sure to open and inspect your order within a reasonable period of time-- any shortage or concealed damage must be reported to Woodstock International with in 5 days or they will not honor any shortage or damage claims after that.

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