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Hack Saw and Blades
  • Hack Saw Blades:
  • High Speed Steel Teeth for Extra Durability
  • High Carbon Steel Backer for Extra Flexibility
  • Specially formulated anti-stick coating minimizes friction and gum-up for smoother cuts
  • RC 64-66 Tooth Hardness for Increased Wear Resistance
  • Tooth Designs (Raker and Wavy) Optimized for Application
  • Hack Saw Frames:
  • Quick and Easy Blade Change for Speed and Convenience
  • Removable Hand Guard for Added Protection
  • Soft Feel Grips for added comfort
  • High Tension Knob for Tight Fit
  • Jab Saw Capability for Cutting in Tight Spots
  • Easy blade storage for convenience
  • 45 & 90 Degree Cutting for Everyday Cutting & Cutting in Tight Spots
PVC Saw and Blades
  • 12" and 18" PVC Blade and Handle Available
  • It is designed to cut small and large diameter PVC
  • Will make your job easier due to many innovative features
  •  It offers tool free blade changes
  • Ability to flush cut

Scroll Saw Blades
  • Precision ground tooth blades provide fast, clean, accurate, and smooth cuts on both the top and bottom of the work piece
  • Reverse skip tooth provides superior finish on the top and bottom of the work piece
  • Pinned blades are available for saws requiring pins for retention
  • Skip tooth blades are designed to provide accurate cuts with a smooth finish
  • Spiral blades eliminates conical shape when bevel cutting letters
  • Metal cutting tooth form aids in metal cutting applications
Cut Out Tool Accessories
  • Carbide Bur Bits:
  • Optimum grade of solid carbide provides increased durability
  • Exclusive diamond shaped configuration delivers effective cutting
  • Drywall Bits:
  • One flute design provides increased chip clearance for fast cutting (DW6601, DW6605, DW6609)
  • Left-hand spiral directs chips and dust into wall cavity for a cleaner work environment (DW6601, DW6605, DW6609)
  • Piloted bit allows for effective cutting around outlet boxes and other objects (DW6605, DW6609)
  • 1/4" diameter shank provides increased durability (DW6609).

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