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This is a sample of the Open, Damaged packaging. Again prices are about half of new at the big box stores.
Stop in and stock up on these great deals.

DeWalt DWFP71917 Finish Nailer $88.95
DeWalt DWFP72155 Finished Nailer $88.95
Porter Cable PCE700 Chop Saw 14" $88.95
Porter Cable RN175B Roofing Nailer $88.95
Craftsman CMCN616C1 20v Cordless Finish Nailer $127.95
Craftsman CMCN618C1 20v Brad Nailer $127.95
DeWalt DCR015 Radio $127.95
DeWalt DWE43840CN Grinder 7" $127.95
DeWalt DWF83PL Framing Nailer $127.95
Bostitch N80CB-1 Coil Framing Nailer $127.95
DeWalt DCHT860M1 40V Hedge Trimmer $170.95
DeWalt DCST990M1 40V Grass Trimmer $170.95
DeWalt DCBL790M1 40v Blower $212.95
DeWalt DW713 Miter Saw $170.95
DeWalt DCG413R2 20v 4.5 Grinder $212.95
DeWalt DW872 HD Multi Cutter Saw  $212.95 Great Buy!!
DeWalt DCH273P2 SDS Rotary Hammer 20V $245.95
DeWalt DCH273P2DHO 20V Rotary Hammer w/dust collector $319.95
DeWalt DCH293R2DH 20V Rotary Hammer w/dust collector $319.95
DeWalt DW716XPS 12" Miter Saw $245.95
DeWalt DWV012 Hepa 10 Gallon Dust Extractor $ 245.95
DeWalt DCS350D1 20V max Threaded Rod Cutter  $212.95
DeWalt DCBL590B  40V max XR Back Pack Blower Bare Tool  $245.95
DeWalt  DCN701D1  20V cordless cable stapler kit  $127.95
DeWalt  DCC0201B  20V air inflator corded / cordless  Bare Tool   $88.95
DeWalt  DCCS690M1  40V max XR Brushless Chain Saw   $245.95
DeWalt  DCMW290H1  40V 3 in 1 Cordless Lawn Mower  $319.95
DeWalt  DW735  13" Planer   $319.95
DeWalt  DWE402G 4-1/2" paddle switch grinder   $88.95
DeWalt  DWS780  12" double bevel sliding compound miter saw   $319.95
DeWalt  DCV581H  18/20V cordless / corded wet/dry vacuum   $88.95
DeWalt  DWBL700  12 amp hand held blower    $88.95
DeWalt  DCS520ST1  Flex volt 60V max 6-1/2" cordless track saw kit  $319.95

Just in this week-- Please note there may be price changes from order to order so either call, email or stop in the store for current pricing on items and if still available.

DeWalt  DCG413R2  20v brushless 4-1/2" grinder kit $212.95
DeWalt  D55168  15 Gallon up right Compressor  $236.25
DeWalt  DW715  12": compound miter saw  $212.45
DeWalt  DWM120K  VS 5" deep cut band saw kit  $212.45
DeWalt  DWE7480  10" compact job site table saw  $242.95
DeWalt  DCK290L2  20v hammer drill/impact driver kit  $212.95
DeWalt  DCK498P2  20v max 4 tool kit  $245.95
DeWalt  DCK520D1M1  20v max compact 5 tool kit  $245.95
DeWalt  DW716XPS  DW716 with XPS  $245.95
DeWalt  DW788  20" scroll saw  $299.95
DeWalt  DCS7485T1  60v max table saw with battery and charger  $319.95
DeWalt  DCKHS783M2  20v max 7 tool kit with rolling hard storage  $319.95
DeWalt  DCKO667X1  60v chainsaw and blower kit  $319.95
DeWalt  DWE7490X  10": jobsite table saw w/ scissor stand  $319.95
Porter Cable  PCEG011  6 amp 4-1/2" grinder  $19.10
Porter Cable  PC700D  7 amp 1/2" drill  $38.21
Porter Cable  PCC670B  20v reciprocating saw bare tool  $38.21
Porter Cable  PIN138   Pin nailer up to 1-3/8"  $46.00
DeWalt  DWFP12233   Brad nailer up to 2"  $46.00
DeWalt  DW223G  3/8" electric drill  $46.00
Porter Cable  PCC660B  20v circular saw bare tool  $46.00
Craftsman CMEBL700  Electric 12amp blower/vac/ mulcher  $46.00
Porter Cable PIN100  Pin nailer 23ga up to 1"  $46.00
Porter Cable  PCE300  15amp Circular saw  $46.00
DeWalt DCV517B  20v cordless 1/2 gallon vac  $46.00
Bostitch  SL1838BC  Cap Stapler  $88.95
DeWalt DCD792B  20v tool connect compact drill bare tool  $88.95
DeWalt D28710  14" Chop Saw  $106.95
DeWalt DCD708C2  20v compact brushless drill kit   $88.95
DeWalt DWD220  1/2" drill electric  $88.95
Craftsman  921236  10" miter saw  $88.95
Bostitch  MIIIFN  Flooring nailer  $127.95
DeWalt  DCL074  20v all purpose light  $127.95
DeWalt  DCF620M2  20v brushless drywall screw gun kit  $127.95
DeWalt  DCKTS277C2  20v drill / impact driver kit with tough storage  $170.95
DeWalt  DCR025  20v / 60v blue tooth charger and radio  $170.95
Craftsman  CMCS714M1  20v 7-1/4" sliding miter saw kit  $170.95
DeWalt DCK590L2 20v Max 5-Tool Combo Kit   $245.95
DeWalt DWE4517 7" 4hp Angle Grinder   $46.00
Porter Cable 382 5" Random Orbit Sander   $28.66
DeWalt DCN692B  20v  Cordless Framing Nailer Bare Tool   $212.95
DeWalt  DW222 3/8" Electric drill  $46.00
DeWalt  DCGG571M1  20v Max Grease Gun Kit   $127.95
DeWalt  DCE300M2  Died Cable Crimping Tool Kit   $709.95   ----  SUPER DEAL-- REG $3000.00 PLUS
DeWalt  DW124K  1/2" Joist and Stud Drill  $245.95
DeWalt  DW160V 3/8" VSR Right Angle Drill   $46.00
DeWalt  DW616PK  1-3/4 HP Fixed/Plunge Base Router Kit   $170.95
DeWalt  DWE4887N  1-1/2" Die Grinder No Lock-on   $46.00 --- SUPER DEAL
DeWalt  DCS388B 60v Max Bushless Recip Saw Bare Tool   $88.95
DeWalt  DCS551B  20v Max Cut-out Tool Bare  $38.21

Got a bunch of Black and Decker in--- still unloading, will list as soon as we can-- if your in the area stop by and check it out.  Lots of Vise Grip at great prices too.

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