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PROXXON Socket Sets with Standard Ratchets

PROXXON Standard and Rotary Ratchets

Manufactured in the world's largest socket and spanner factory, utilizing the most modern production techniques.

PROXXON MICRO-Click Torque Wrenches

Ratchet mechanism with reversing lever for changing ratcheting direction. Automatic quick release: Clearly audible and perceptible "click" upon reaching set torque.

PROXXON SlimLine Spanners

  • Polished heads: slim and thin walled. Torque characteristics still exceed DIN/ISO requirements.
  • Easy to hold, smooth finish without sharp edges and sides.
  • Dimensional tolerances are better than those required by DIN/ISO. Each piece is calibrated and checked.
  • Optimal surface protection against rust by means of double nickel and subsequent chrome plating.

PROXXON Allen and TORX Key Sets

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Proxxon 28146 MicroFlam Burner
Proxxon 28146 MicroFlam Burner
Your Price: $58.00
Proxxon 28146 MicroFlam Burner
Super fine flame shape. Rechargeable with standard lighter fuel.
Proxxon 28148 Micro Screwdrivers
Proxxon 28148 Micro Screwdrivers
Your Price: $42.53
Proxxon 28148 Micro Screwdrivers
For electricians, camera builders, clock-makers, jewelers, precision mechanics and model builders.
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