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Our warehouse stocks thousands of parts. If you do not know the part number you need, enter the tool model number and the best one word description of the part in search box, such as: DW705 switch. If you can not find what you need, please email us for assistance at

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To find accurate parts, manuals, and schematics for your tool, you must know the tool's model number and type number.

The model number is what uniquely identifies various kinds of tools.

The type number identifies the multiple versions of a specific model number.

  • As it relates to service parts, a type 1 can be completely different than the type 2 version of a particular model number.
  • The type number can and usually is as important to know as the model number in order to ensure you receive the correct service part(s).
  • Every model number can have multiple type numbers or a little as no type number.

The model number and type number are usually on the warning label or name plate.

  • These labels are typically found on the bottom or side of the tool.
  • For larger equipment, like generators, the label can be found on the top of the equipment.

Below are examples of labels that highlight the model number and type number..

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