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Stanley has been at the forefront of promoting the use of portable hand saws. Today, the company offers
nearly 60 different types and sizes of hand saws for cutting almost everything from woods studs,
gypsum wallboard and metal rods to plastic pipe, hardwood flooring and tree limbs.

While some of today’s tool manufacturers have greatly reduced the number of hand
saws they make-some even eliminating them altogether - Stanley continues to
push forward, constantly developing new and long-lasting saws. This determination has created a
large and incredibly loyal customer base and made Stanley one of the largest hand saw manufacturers in the world.

The Stanley hand saw line includes carpenter’s hand saws and panel saws, backsaws and compass saws, and Japanese-style pull
saws. If you’ve got something to cut, chances are there’s a Stanley handsaw that can cut it.

Some of the many noteworthy enhancements available on a Stanley handsaw include: precision-ground, razor-sharp teeth; thick,
 rigid blades that cut straighter with less binding; induction-hardened teeth that stay sharper 5 times longer than standard teeth;
over-molded rubber hand grips; and BladeArmor™, a durable composite blade coating that provides
2 times more rust resistance, six times more abrasion protection and 50 percent less friction than standard lacquered blades.

Stanley also developed the revolutionary InstantChange™ feature, which allows you to quickly and easily remove the saw
blade from the handle and replace it with any one of 7 different blades. With this versatile saw, you can go from trimming
roof rafters one minute to removing tree limbs the next.

The engineers at Stanley have even found a way to improve the performance of even the most modest of hand saws. With more
than a dozen models available, Stanley is the go-to source when you need to cut metal. It makes standard, flat-frame hacksaws,
as well as high-tension tubular frame saws and low-profile hacksaws for cutting in cramped quarters. Stanley also makes
the famous and very popular Mini-Hack™ Utility Saw, which is indispensable for cutting in tight spaces and narrow crevices.

Finally, to complement its diverse line of handsaws, Stanley offers a collection of portable miter boxes,
which provide a quick, accurate way to make square cross cuts and angled miter cuts.
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