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Layout Tools

Stanley Layout Tools

 Stanley’s commitment to producing precision-engineered, extremely
accurate tools is most evident in its extensive line of layout tools, a
category that includes nearly 60 different levels and two dozen types
of squares. But to truly appreciate its commitment, consider this: Stanley
has been making layout tools for over 150 years.

 In 1857, The Stanley Rule and Level Company joined forces with the
Stanley Works, which up until that point was primarily a hardware
manufacturer. After the Civil War, the company continued to diversify
and grow its tool business, and is now widely recognized as one of the
world’s leading manufacturers of quality hand tools.

 Today, Stanley designs and builds a wide variety of levels, including
box-beam, I-beam, torpedo, magnetic and adjustable-vial models
that permit you to read and mark any angle between 0 and 90 degrees.
There’s even a post level that folds flat for easy storage.

 The levels range in size from a 3-inch-long line level to a 96-inch-long
I-beam level. And unlike some manufacturers, Stanley isn’t satisfied
with using a single material to make all its levels. Instead, it chooses
the optimum materials for building each tool. As a result, Stanley makes
levels out of extruded aluminum, die-cast aluminum and shock-resistant
ABS plastic.

 The company also makes nearly two dozen different sizes and styles
of squares, including combination squares, carpenter’s framing squares,
folding squares and quick squares. Again, to ensure accuracy, each tool
is precision-machined and/or cast under the highest quality standards.

 This extremely popular line of reliable layout tools includes chalk lines,
straight edges and plumb bobs. So regardless of whether you’re a do-it yourself
homeowner or a professional contractor, Stanley has the tools
you need to accurately measure, layout and mark virtually any piece. And
the company designs and builds each layout tool with three criteria in
mind: accuracy, ease of use and durability – a philosophy born a century
and a half ago and still practiced today.

Adjustable Quick Square Layout Tool
Squares, Combination Squares
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